Audit can be such an intimidating word, when in actual fact it is only "an official examination and verification of
financial accounts and records". Relax, if you have a great bookkeeper, and audit will be easy! OK, what if you're not
sure you have a great bookkeeper...well then you had better find out.

We offer audit services ranging from a small period examinations through to entire decades of transations. Do you want
to just check on the books? If so, we can provide an audit of a couple of random months just to make you more comfortable.
Do you maybe have specific concerns? We can address those as well.

Has Canada Revenue Agency already contacted you about a Tax, Payroll or HST Audit? We can help, you just need
to pick up the phone and we can get started to help you prepare for an easy, quick & painless audit.

Contact us today at 902-574-1880 to discuss your audit needs.

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